A Winter Stroll and S’Mores with @VentureOutdoors

A Winter Stroll and S’Mores with @VentureOutdoors

I wrote this post last night, not realizing how timely it would ultimately be, given that this morning saw the season’s first snow.  I’m not much for spending time out in the cold, but the sparkling snow along the street sure was a pretty sight.  Hope you are bundled up with a hot chocolate and enjoying this turn of the seasons.

When asked by my west-coast relatives how I bear Pennsylvania’s bitter winter cold, or worse the suffocating humidity of summer, the answer is simple: I stay indoors. Artificially comfortable is my style. But sometimes the desire to explore nature outweighs my expectations of comfort, and I venture outdoors (here, with Venture Outdoors) for an adventure in nature.

Riverview Park

Riverview Park

Although it will be a while before Baby Beez can join me on the 5k course, she’s old enough for a short hike. I’m not the tea party and Barbies type, and I love that as she gets older, there are more activities we can do together on terms that are appealing to both toddlers and old grumpy ladies like me. This weekend’s activity: a family hike through Riverview Park, plus s’mores! When I told Baby Beez that we would be getting together with Elena and Sandy, Baby Beez was thrilled. Any activity is even better when friends are involved!


Autumn in Pennsylvania does not disappoint. In the last few weeks, the horizon has been painted with the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing leaves.  Today on a drive across state, I’ve realized that we’re on the tail end of this glorious season.  There are still some leaves to fall, but by now the ground is heavy with foliage and many of the trees are bare.



After about 30 or 40 minutes of walking (and plenty of stops) we made it to a park shelter with a roaring fire.  We enjoyed the warmth of the fire on this chilly day, toasted marshmallows on twigs, and indulged in a sweet treat.



I carried Baby Beez on the short trek back to our vehicles. She was a little tired when we started out, and boy was she ever exhausted when we made it back.  I got a pretty good arm and back workout from hauling that sacka-potatoes throughout the park.  Although I’m very well acquainted with Frick Park and Schenley Park, I had never before been to Riverview Park, and this little outing was a lovely introduction.  I love how quiet and tucked away it is, with so many paths for jogging and corners to explore.


This little one couldn’t even keep her eyes open for a photo op!

What activities have caught your interest as the seasons have turned colder?

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