A ROARing good time at Discover the Dinosaurs

I spent a few hours of my Sunday afternoon at Book Club with my lady friends, sipping champagne and chatting about Mariette in Ecstacy (it is safe to click on the link, it is a book about nuns. seriously).  While I was out and about, Baby Beez and Mr. Beez ventured out to Monroeville to see Grandma and PopPop and go to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit.  It’s a traveling show, and while today was its last day in Pittsburgh, you may be able to catch it in your town soon.  Mr. Beez is a man of few words and said it was “fun.”  Baby Beez came home totally passed out asleep, and from the moment she woke from her nap, she spent the entire rest of the evening ROARING and yelling “I’M A DINOSAUR!” So it’s safe to assume the event met with her approval.

Word to the wise– if you do attend the event, apparently it winds you through a bunch of the exhibits, and at the very end there are a ton of bouncy houses (and every kid is giddy and ready to bounce bounce bounce), except there is a separate fee for the bouncy houses, and you have to trek your way all the way back to the front to buy the bouncy house tickets.  There were a number of grumbling parents about that.  So be wise, and buy your bouncy house tickets when you are paying for your admission!!








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