A quick relay recap #RunHomePGH @PGHMarathon

A quick relay recap #RunHomePGH @PGHMarathon

I ran leg 4 of the Pittsburgh Marathon relay yesterday, my leg was mapped at about 6 miles long, but my race app clocked about 7 miles. I guess I spent that route zigzagging back and forth.

I’ve volunteered at the Pgh Marathon several times, and this is the third year that we brought Baby Beez out to watch the runners. I wanted to take some adorable pictures of her ringing a cowbell and cheering people on, but she’s hit a phase where she’s all DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE MAMA. I should respect her opinions, but she has a darn cute angry face. And no matter what I do, this kid’s in for a lifetime of therapy anyway, so snap away!

Baby Beez at the marathon

Mr. Beez and Baby Beez and I ran into our friend Peter, and all cheered together for a while. We saw most of the wheelchair racers and the elite runners. Once the bigger race crowd started coming in, I crossed over to the corral to wait (and wait and wait and wait).

Cheering section

The relay corral was chock full of runners at the starting line, which resulted in a delay of about a half hour. Each of our relay team members ran about an 11 minute mile, with a total chip time of 5:11. I’m proud to say that was faster than either of the marathons I ran (nearly ten years ago).

waiting to start

Seriously the hardest part of the run was the waiting. It was the perfect level of chilly for running, but too chilly for running around. I bounced around a bit, trying to keep warm, but the wait did wear down the adrenaline a bit, which resulted in a more difficult run. Given that I was able to plow through 10 mi a few weeks ago, with a little more training I am comfortable saying I can take on the half next year.

The run itself was great fun. I went from Shadyside, through Point Breeze, Homewood, East Liberty, Highland Park and ended in Bloomfield. While waiting to start my run, I saw Alex working his way through the marathon, and I got to run a few paces alongside him to cheer him on.


I finished the run feeling great and feeling proud. The rest of the day was spent casually working on the house and feeling happy.

Baby Beez

Baby Beez admired my medal, because it was “Just like Wreck It Ralph!!” When I told her I won it, she got really sad because she didn’t win it. I told her that next year she can run in the kid’s race and win her own medal. She smiled, “A race for girls and boys?” “Yes,” I told her. And she cheered. Next year, the route is hers to conquer!

Today I’ve been home, stuck in bed all day, rather sick. Writing this post is the longest amount of time I’ve been able to spend awake. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve been so sick I’ve had to stay home, and Baby Beez was likewise awfully sick last week. I don’t know what’s going around, but I’m gonna start bathing in Purell every day. Seriously, I do not have time to be sick right now.

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