A Perfectly Pittsburgh Wedding

I’m a sucker for wedding write-ups, and it’s always an extra thrill when the Whirl Wedding Guide rolls into my mailbox. I spent my treadmill time yesterday thumbing through its pages, jealous of the excitement that goes with planning the Big Day. It’s fun to see how couples personalize their big day, what traditions are going strong, and what traditions have fallen by the wayside.

We’ve stumbled out of the newlywed phase– March 29th will mark our 5 year anniversary! Our wedding is just far enough in the past that the stress of sorting out vendors and tussling with family has subsided. All I have now are those fond memories of paging through advertisements, dreaming of what my day would be like in this venue or that, and trying to pick out decor that is classy but speaks to our personalities.

Wedding planning was a puzzle for me, and I craved the success of fitting it all together just right. We were on a budget, but of course we didn’t want the wedding to have a budget feel. The party served to celebrate our union, but we wanted our guests to return home with memories of all the fun they had.

Ultimately, I think our puzzle assembled in a grand success. It was not an all out wedding, but we were able to focus our resources on certain priorities and scale back on others. Unless you’re swimming in a Scrooge McDuck vault of money, wedding planning eventually boils down to priorities, and not every couple’s priorities are the same priorities. We were willing to pare down the guest list to a very small gathering of close family, so that we could have the higher-quality caterer we craved. We lucked out on a venue (the Warhol museum) that had a ceremony space and party space all in one location, with a hotel for all my out-of-town family in very close proximity. A bonus of picking a venue with such BIG personality– we didn’t have to worry about much decorating.

The last two weeks before the wedding brought the usual crush of last minute chaos. If there were one thing I could re-do about my wedding is that I would have spent those last two weeks, and especially the day of, popping a few extra corks and relaxing with some champagne. After all, even if something goes wrong, the wedding’s still going forward, the party’s still going to happen, and everyone has a better time when the hosts are happy.

One of the most fun things at our wedding was a special visit and dance by Steel Dragon. Their performance left us with such extraordinary memories.

When we started off with wedding planning, our singular goal was to send our guests home thinking “Boy, those two can throw a party!” And yep, I think we did it!

For just a brief moment as I perused the Wedding Guide’s last few pages, I considered “Maybe we should throw an all-out 10th Anniversary bash?” But then I realized that by that time, Baby Beez’ Bat Mitzvah will be only a few years in the future, and boy will that be an occasion to celebrate!

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