I frequently review restaurants, local businesses, books and sometimes other products on this blog.  Generally, all goods, services etc. are purchased by me, and my review is completely unsolicited.  I work as a business disputes attorney, and receipt of any free goods for review or payment for review is just too complicated in my line of work.  Likewise, there are no ads on this blog.  I receive no compensation for this blog.

You’ll notice that most of my reviews are positive ones.  I simply don’t like to say unfriendly things about local businesses (although I am not shy to be critical about books).  Sometimes I may post a review about a local establishment with constructive comments, but I’m not interested in shaming or badmouthing anyone.  That’s not to say I love every place I visit.  I’ve had plenty of bad dinners out.  I just tend to not write about the bad experiences.

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