A New Workout Experience and Happy @WeightWatchers Birthday to Me!

A New Workout Experience and Happy @WeightWatchers Birthday to Me!

I didn’t want to so publicly announce my third “New Workout Experience” (per my 31 before 31 list) until I knew I had the routine down, but my success is now solidified.  I’ve been waking up at 5am and hitting the gym 5 days per week since about June.  When I started, the goal was just to be awake and moving.  Now I’m on to full-on running during my stupid early gym sessions. I knew that I had the routine down when I hit an official breakthrough on Monday– I forgot to set my alarm, yet I still woke up at 5 am on my own, ready for a workout and wondering “hey, why didn’t my alarm go off?”

At first the 5 am workouts were brutal. BRUTAL.  All I wanted to do was SLEEP.  I quizzed a colleague who moved to early morning workouts within the last year (and lost a ton of weight), and he assured me that if you keep with it, it gets easier.  It has.  I do get more tired earlier at night, and yes I’m groggy throughout the day, but I was groggy throughout the day before anyway, and I think on the whole I’ve had comparatively more energy (although still generally tired, because my life is like that).  What I have liked the best is that I don’t have to make the choice about how to spend my evenings– whether exercising, hanging out with my family, having a social event or catching up with my never-ending pile of work.  I never have anything else scheduled at 5am, so that time is always free and clear for my workout. 

Today is also my Weight Watchers birthday!  I am not a WW poster child of success.  In this year I’ve only lost about 17 lbs.  BUT I’m not a failure either.  I’ve developed a ton of new healthy habits and had many small successes. This past Sunday’s weigh in showed me that my vacation pigging out actually resulted in a net zero-change in weight.  I thought I had gained about 4 lbs in total, but that weight was gone within 3 days of my return, so it was actually just water weight.  Pre-weight watchers I probably would have gained about 10 lbs this summer, between attending two food blogging conferences, a cruise and a trip to the land of meat and potatoes.  Even though I go to restaurants constantly, I’ve been making better choices at some restaurants and prioritizing my splurges.  My diet has a heck of a lot more fruits and veggies, and I’m exercising a lot more.  I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting for the past year (and of course haven’t had the quick weight drops that usually come with diets) but I do feel like I’ve made small gradual lifestyle changes for the better, and I suppose that’s the point of WW anyway.

So today is my WW birthday. Yes I am celebrating with CAKE.  Not a huge cake, but a little tiny cake bite from Prantl’s should do the trick. Happy birthday to me!

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