A moment of glam with @SwankHairPgh #StylishSundays

This past weekend was specifically intended to be a “quiet” weekend.  By quiet, I mean that I only had 2 obligations planned for each day, as opposed to 3 or 4.  But when I saw a tweet about Swank Hair Studio’s Stylish Sunday’s event, including free blowouts for bloggers, oh no I could not pass that up. So one more event went in the agenda. But so worth it.

I’m late to this game, but I have realized that a professional blowout means that my hair swings and shines better.  It looks picture perfect. It even usually stays that way for an extra day.  And yet, when I try to recreate the look myself, the result is:


So a free blowout? I am IN.

Swank Hair Studio is in Lawrenceville, right next to where Dozen used to be (n’at). Lawrenceville has caught my interest lately, as it is on the short list of neighborhoods Mr. Beez and I are considering once we finally take that plunge and buy a house that actually is remodeled (and ditch this place of unfulfilled home improvement aspirations).

My usual attire for a Sunday involves yoga pance and a t-shirt.  Since the event was named “Stylish Sundays” I figured it would be worth my while to slap on some makeup and at least try to make myself appropriate for public presentation.  Was I ever glad I did.  The ladies who run this place are so stylish and fashion forward.  Even in my “with effort” outfit I felt a little mom-jeans. But the girls were still friendly and welcoming.



The salon space itself is very chic.  I loved the blue and white alongside the exposed brick.  Everything is so clean and orderly.

Swank Hair Studio

The chandeliers add such a nice touch.


And since this was a special event, there were also sweet treats from Bella Christie’s.  I CAN NOT resist me some Bella Christie’s, so I helped myself to only one brownie, and then skeedaddled.  If I lingered a moment longer, I would have chowed down a full tray. So good.

Bella Christie's

The final result: so stylish!



And yes, the texture held into day 2.  Swank Hair Studio has a friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere.  Even though I am demonstrably uncool, they did not make me feel like that one bit.  A bonus: Swank is on a section of Butler Street where on-street parking is usually very easy to locate.  And if you schedule a service for the late afternoon, you can always stoll a couple of doors down to Tamari for a drink (and, of course, to show off your style).

Swank Hair Studio provided the blowout service free of charge, with the request that I post a blog about my experience.  My opinions are honest and my own.

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