A Big Bed for a Big Girl

I feel like we’ve been in potty training limbo forever. Probably because I first started getting worried about getting Baby Beez potty trained when she turned 2.  She then turned 3 this past September. Still not potty trained.  I’ve been assured that she’s still in the “average” range in terms of age of potty training. But she’s at that point where we can tell she is physically capable of using the potty, it’s just tipping the scale on the motivation.

We’ve tried putting her in undies a few times, with mixed results. We’ve bribed her with chocolate, with mixed results. Following the advice of multiple people I’ve vented to in the last few weeks, we’re going “cold turkey.”  This weekend we announced “no more diapers.” All underwear, all the time. And she’s had a few accidents, but generally it’s been OK.

Even though she’s 3, Baby Beez has still been in a crib. Mostly because it’s easier to keep her in one place, instead of giving her free reign to walk about.  We then realized that if we expect her to get out of bed and use the potty, she has to actually be able to get out of her bed.  It was time to put the crib away and go shopping.


We let Baby Beez pick out her own bed.  As much as I hate princesses, I decided that if she wanted princesses, she could have princesses. Or better yet, maybe she would not want princesses? There were plenty of options: Sofia the First, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, but when she saw the Monsters University bed, her mind was firmly made up: Mike and Sully it must be.  A fine choice.

I’m not much for nostalgia.  Seeing Baby Beez get bigger does not make me sad. It makes me excited and happy. She was cute and squishy as a baby, but I love being ale to do things with her and talk with her. As she gets bigger, we are able to do more and more together. I get excited for all the future milestones.  Still, it is strange to compare her now to pictures of her as a tiny thing. To think how there was a time when all she could do was cry and grunt, and now she can announce “I’M GOING TO BE A SCARER!”

On the topic of my big girl, we went to the library this week. Baby Beez wanted “Pirate Books.” Baby Beez asked the librarian politely for assistance, and the librarian returned with a nice big stack.  We sat down on the reading cushions and cracked open a book.  I asked her “Would you like me to read a book to you?”  She replied, “No. You read it yourself.”  Smartypants.


And like her father, she loves the computer.


But back to the crib.

Goodbye, Crib.

Goodbye, Crib.

It is strange to watch these baby things go obsolete. We do not plan for a second, and now we have this perfectly lovely crib, a kind gift from all the grandparents, and have no idea what to do with it.  Cribs are such a symbol of a new baby, so many parents want to get their own new crib for their first baby and hand it down to subsequent ones.  Although I have many friends who are having babies right now, a crib is not the first on their list of hand-me-down wishes.  I would like to see it go to someone who will use it, and will likely send some emails to various women’s resource organizations, to find a new mom who can use it well.


So here she is, my big girl, snuggled up in her big girl bed.  This morning, she woke up so proud. She didn’t wet the bed, she went right to the potty and used the potty. All like a big girl.  She’s our big girl.

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