9 Miles in Pgh: A photo essay

9 Miles in Pgh: A photo essay

I like to use my long runs to see the city, especially when it is as beautiful out as it was this weekend. I live in an extremely hilly neighborhood, so I reserve my near-home running for shorter mileage days. Luckily, flatter routes are close by. I don’t like to do the same route for every long run, but I do like to run paths that are familiar enough that I have a good idea how far apart the landmarks feel (and can mentally push myself in the late miles when I’m getting tired, because I know when the next landmark is coming up). This Saturday I took one of my favorite flat & shady paths.

But first– COFFAY.


Fully caffeinated. Time to run.

Mile 0: Kicked things off at Southside Riverfront Park

Southside Riverfront Park

Mile 1: Taking the riverfront trail toward downtown, the path goes alongside the train tracks and has an industrial feel

Riverfront Trail

Mile 2: After swinging a right on the Smithfield Street Bridge, it’s a left onto Blvd of the Allies, and heading toward Point State Park

Boulevard of the Allies

Mile 3: Pixburgh Photo Essay isn’t complete without one of these

Point Park Fountain

Mile 4: Ran up and across the Fort Duquesne Bridge and then went up the riverfront trail along the Allegheny, lots of foliage and shade, and the folks on this trail tend to have good trail etiquette so I’m not spending all my energy M-F’ing inconsiderate people biking three-across under my breath.


Mile 5: Still going up the Allegheny, lots of leaves and spotting lots of boats. There is a wrecked boat along the way which is fun to see, but I couldn’t get a good snap of it.

Allegheny Trail

Mile 6: I took the trail up to Herr’s Island/Washington’s landing, which puts you on a lovely little trail going around the island, and then I made my way up to the 31st Street Bridge.  Even though I had my fuel belt, it was warmer and more humid than I expected, and I was thirsty. On the bridge, I realized that I would very soon be in the Strip District, where I could refill my bottles. That was a moment of joy.

31st Street Bridge

Mile 7: SWEET, SWEET WATER FOUNTAINS THANK YOU PGH PUBLIC MARKET FOR MY WATER BOTTLE REFILLS (they also have toilets, if you are out on a run and have a need).


Mile 8: Ok I didn’t take a picture of Mile 8. I ran up Liberty Avenue toward downtown and by this point I was starting to run out of steam because LAST MILE TO GO, and boy was I getting tired. So there’s no picture for this one. But Liberty Avenue on this stretch isn’t much to look at anyway.

Mile 9: YES I AM DONE. Mayor Caliguiri says “That’ll do.”

Mayor Caliguiri


And afterward I recuperated by eating snacks while soaking in the tub, because if you have not eaten snacks IN the bathtub, you do not know what you are missing. It’s my favorite thing all week. Don’t knock it til you try it.

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