33 Before 33: St John’s Church Pyrohy

I pass by the gorgeous St John the Baptist’s Ukranian Church in the Sahside on my commute every day. And every day I drive by the sign that advertises PYROHY on THURSDAYS! And every day I drive by I tell myself THIS THURSDAY! THIS THURSDAY I WILL GET THE PYROHY! But then this or that or whatever happens, and I don’t get them. And I am sad.


But this week, IT WAS THE WEEK!

Part of me was a little nervous because it was a new place. And I had to call in advance. And talking on the phone and going to new places both make me nervous. (Can’t we just order everything online?) But I called, and the woman on the Pyrohy Hotline was very friendly. I placed my order for 2 dozen potato pyrohy and 1 dozen cottage cheese pyrohy. We may be a family of 3, but we love our carbs.

St John's Pyrohy

I was all sheepish, being a newbie and not knowing the protocol, but there’s plenty of parking and everything was well marked. I went on down the steps to the pyrohy pickup area, and they knew right away I was a first timer. The church ladies told me how happy they were that I was checking out their wares, and encouraged me to come back every month, and to buy lots of pyrohy to freeze to get us through the summer (they don’t sell in the summer….i assume there is a lack of air conditioning. It’s an old Pittsburgh building after all).


I proudly brought my gluten-y goodies home for our dinner and was extremely happy to learn that all I had to do to get them ready for our plates was microwave (with a little water) and top them with a blob of butter. Haute cuisine they were not, but they were definitely stick-to-your-ribs comfort fare. As I ate them, I puzzled over why I had ever eaten those store-bought frozen abominations. These are the real thing.

I think I do need to stock up for summer, after all.

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