My 32 before 32 list got significantly waylaid when we unexpectedly fast forwarded our plan to buy a new house next year, and bought it this year instead. We also had to prep and sell our old house. Which basically meant that April to August was complete chaos, and my 32 before 32 list was the last concern on my mind. I didn’t cross off a lot of things on that list, but I am totally ok with that. There are some things I lost interest in, and other things that were just not feasible with timing or money, and some things that just got lost in the shuffle. You may recognize some carry-overs from my 32 before 32 list, and you know what? I’m cool with that. You will also notice that my list for this year is a lot more Pittsburgh-focused, and not the most ambitious. I like the challenge and the reminder of ticking fun things off a list, but my time, energies and focus are going to strongly be on my career and family this year. Some years are for broadening horizons, some years are for growing strong close to home. This year is the latter, and I’m looking forward to that. Without further ado, here is my 33 before 33!

  1. Do a guided Pittsburgh food tour.
  2. Visit the Hare Krishna temple & Restaurant in New Vrindaban, WV that Erin always raves about
  3. Do a chef’s tasting at Notion (this one won’t happen because Notion closed)
  4. Read Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion
  5. Read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  6. Another year of  reading at least 40 fun books.
  7. Do a Skyblast Paddle with Venture Outdoors
  8. Hit my fundraising goal for Childrens Miracle Network hospitals, and have a great time running the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge
  9. Do one of the many Pittsburgh neighborhood house tours
  10. Make dinner in the crock pot once a week. That is FIFTY TWO crock pot dinners. This sounds so daunting, but crock pot dinners are so dang EASY.
  11. Dinner at Josza Corner
  12. Make Souffle Bombay’s Sweet Irish Soda Bread (seriously, most delicious thing ever) it took 2 years, but I finally got around to it.
  13. Have my friend Christine over for a day of sipping red wine and making fresh pasta.
  14. Write a cool Pittsburgh-business-based holiday gift guide. Volume 1 and Volume 2.
  15. Have a fun yinzer night out with friends, featuring pierogies at Starlite Lounge and karaoke at Bob’s Garage.
  16. Get pierogies from that church in the Sahside. Yum yum, picked up some dinner in April.
  17. Go to a Kards Unlimited book club gathering.
  18. Participate in a totally rad holiday cookie exchange. Done.
  19. Run a race with Baby Beez.
  20. Visit Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley.
  21. Go to a City Theater Greenroom event.
  22. Visit Mansions on Fifth for drinks or brunch.
  23. Have another movie marathon day with my family. We did this as part of my 31 before 31, and just loved it.
  24. Either do the South Side Steptrek or Fineview Step a Thon.
  25. Take Baby Beez to Sesame Place before she’s too big to appreciate Sesame Street.
  26. Visit Trundle Manor.
  27. Go to dinner at Hydeholde.
  28. Show up with friends to Klavon’s and share the Super Bowl Sundae (seriously, it feeds like 10 people)
  29. Check out a movie at Row House Cinema
  30. Go ziplining at Go Ape  Went ziplining at 7 Springs, which is BETTAH.
  31. Run the Pittsburgh (half) Marathon (couldn’t do it because of trial, but have done lots of other running. I am counting it.)
  32. Go to a Dreadnought Wines wine dinner
  33. Go to dinner at Dish

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