32 Before 32: Keepin’ it Real With Pinterest (for once)

32 Before 32: Keepin’ it Real With Pinterest (for once)

This 32 before 32 is a two-for-one, because it is also my crock pot recipe for the week. When I decided to put “Actually Make Something I Pinned on Pinterest” on my list, I had something more crafty in mind. But then it came down to the wire last week and I still hadn’t made my crock pot recipe for the week, and I saw this pin for a tasty looking Crock Pot Chicken Korma (and here is the link to the original page). As a bonus, I already had all the ingredients in my house!

We were a few minutes away from leaving for brunch, when I remembered that I planned to serve the crock pot chicken korma for dinner. Also, I had to get it started before leaving, or it would not be done in time. Even with adding the extra step of sauteeing the onions and garlic before putting them in the crock pot, and chopping up the butternut squash, yam and chicken, the whole thing took about 20 minutes to prepare. This is absolutely a doable recipe to throw together before leaving for work in the morning.

crock pot korma

This recipe added some nice variety to the usual rotation of soups and stews that I make in my slow cooker. Was it as good as a korma from an Indian restaurant? Nah. But it was plenty good for an easy at home meal, and I’m sure it would freeze easily. The chicken isn’t even necessary, and I think this would taste very good as a vegetarian dish, especially with some added potatoes or cauliflower.  Mr. Beez declared the meal a success, and helped himself to seconds. Baby Beez refused to eat it, because she is only interested in cotton candy flavored yogurt and plain noodles for the time being.

Chicken Korma

Now if I could just get around to making a few of those 800 cookie recipes I have pinned….

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