I didn’t cross every single thing off the list last year…I learned some valuable lessons: I’m much better at accomplishing things that are one set event to take place on a particular day (i.e. attend PodCamp) than I am at some nebulous goal that doesn’t have a clear standard (i.e. increase engagement with my readership).  I like SUCCESS, and this is my darn list, so I’m learning from my past, and tailoring this toward what I know I can accomplish.

I initially had a weight loss goal in my list. I took it out. I’ve reached a point that I know that I’m going to continue to work on weight loss, list or not. And sometimes work and stress get busy, and I have a week of chocolate and wine. That throws a wrench in my weight loss, but it’s a choice that I make and it’s worth it. I am going to keep working at it hard, but it’s more complicated than just “lose this weight!” and I’m not going to make my self feel bad just because it is taking me for-ever to lose it. I’m still losing it, I’m still getting healthier, and those are the things that are important.

(EDITED TO ADD: So as the year went on, some of the things that I initially had on the list weren’t as interesting to me anymore, so I crossed them off and replaced them with other things. Because it’s my list and I make the rules, and there’s no point in having a list of fun things if it means forcing yourself to do things that you don’t think are as fun anymore. So yes, all fun, all the time.)

So now for my third list, here we go:

My 32 before 32

        1. Participate as a volunteer for a glean for Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank Accomplished in October.
        2. Do the Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tour of Brookline
        3. NINE WEEK CLEANING CRUSADE OF MY HOUSE (My house has 9 rooms, I’m going to take on a room a week, and scrub it top to bottom, get rid of the clutter, and otherwise make it spotless) I accomplished this, although not in the way I initially expected. Since we bought a new house and had to get the old one on the market, we scrubbed the HECK out of the old house and made it spotless. But it’s done right? And that’s what matters!
        4. Visit the Hare Krishna temple & Restaurant in New Vrindaban, WV that Erin always raves about
        5.  Do a chef’s tasting at Notion
        6.  Go to a farm dinner Done.
        7.  Watch the full series of Breaking Bad
        8.  Watch all the rest of the episodes of Dexter that I missed (i think I tapered off around season 4)
        9.  Read Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion
        10.  Tackle the 32-disc book-on-cd version of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the EarthDone.
        11.  Read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
        12. Read the second Game of Thrones book
        13. Actually MAKE something I’ve pinned on Pinterest Done.
        14. Trip to the Land of Cleves, featuring a visit to the Aquarium, the West Side Market and the Christmas Story House
        15. Another year of 40 fun books. This seems to be a magic number for me, just enough to make me have to hustle but not so much that it’s a total impossibility Boom.
        16. Take a terrarium class at Marty’s Market
        17. Do twelve interviews on my blog
        18. Take a barre class
        19. Run another 10 miler: Cherry Blossom Race or Army 10 Miler are both fun possibilities
          Done & awesome.
        20. SPA DAY Had an amazing spa day on May 3 at Judit European Day Spa.
        21. Do one of the many Pittsburgh neighborhood house tours
        22. Brewery tour! Done twice!
        23. Make dinner in the crock pot once a week. That is FIFTY TWO crock pot dinners. This sounds so daunting, but crock pot dinners are so dang EASY.
        24. Eat an amazing Media Noche sandwich in Miami Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it to Miami this year due to some scheduling issues.
        25. See the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (the real ones, not just the documentary) Went to San Francisco and it didn’t happen, but we did tour Alcatraz!
        26. Dinner at Josza Corner
        27. Make Souffle Bombay’s Sweet Irish Soda Bread (seriously, most delicious thing ever)
        28. Take Baby Beez to a matinee, scare-free tour of Castle Blood
        29. Present as a panelist in a panel discussion Done.
        30. Set and follow a “healthy living” goal each week. I’m not talking “lose x pounds” I’m talking things like “track everything I eat” or “Do 3 strength training workouts” And they don’t have to be different goals each week, it can be the same thing over and over, as long as it keeps me moving in a healthy direction Much like a typical New Years resolution, I lost interest in this around February. Instead, I would like to run all the Pittsburgh Citiparks footraces this season. That’s four 5k races plus the 10k Great Race.
        31. Visit St. Anthony’s Chapel in Troy Hill Done on October 28, 2014
        32. Write an ambitious and exciting 40 before 40 list

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