31 before 31

I like lists. I liked 30 before 30. Why the heck should I stop just because I hit the big 3-0? Here’s a list of 31 things I hope to accomplish by my next big day!

        1. Make HAITIAN FAMILIES FIRST BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY a giant success! I’m super excited that The Standard Band will be there to rock out with us!  Accomplished January 31, 2013
        2. Learn to use Siri on my darn phone I can use Siri, although she rarely gives me the answers I WANT.
        3. Have a movie marathon with Mr. Beez (I’m up for watching ALL the Harry Potters back to back, but sci fi is more his style) LOTR marathon accomplished 10/13
        4. Take a cooking class Done. Boom.
        5. Read 40 “fun” books Mission Accomplished.
        6. Potty train Baby Beez (Note as of 9/24/2013, I have learned that THIS particular item is not entirely within my control…) WE ARE SO CLOSE that I am considering this one accomplished. Baby Beez was accident free all weekend, and was even putting herself on the potty and going on her very own.
        7. Learn to use the pasta maker attachment for my KitchenAid that I begged Mr. Beez for (but has sat in a box for 2+ years)
        8. Get new portraits of Baby Beez
        9. Keep working hard on Weight Watchers, and drop 25 lbs by my birthday next year (that’s about 0.5 lbs a week)
        10. Go to a Pittsburgh Passion game
        11. Go to a wine tasting event with Palate Partners
        12. Get this blog redesigned/rebranded BOOM, thanks to Ms. Emily Levenson.
        13. Learn at least 3 new things at BlogHer Food Yee Haw!
        14. Brew some beer at Copper Kettle
        15. Have a quiet evening of ceramics painting
        16. Write out a marketing plan
        17. Speak at a conference/CLE/seminar regarding legal issues in social media
        18. Attend PodCamp Pittsburgh Well there we go.
        19. Have at least 3 new exercise experiences (new class, new perspective, new outfit, etc)  New Experience 1: Lunchtime Workout (1/23/13); New Experience 2: Aerial Yoga; New Experience 3: Working Out at Stupid Early O’Clock
        20. Try a new food Kohlrabi: YUM.
        21. Go on a family vacation, and be nice. The whole time. And it was lovely.
        22. Clean my car. Like for real clean. All the cheerio crumbs GONE.
        23. Tweet it Up at Pittsburgh Tweetup events (and not be terrified that I don’t know many people there)
        24. Increase my reader engagement. Maybe a series where I interview bloggers I admire?
        25. Have a date night with Mr. Beez at a comedy show (Caught an improv comedy show after we saw Book of Mormon on 3/30/2013)
        26. Go to a Moth StorySlam
        27. Get some for-real church basement pierogies (preferably from the Epiphany Church fish fry) (Had a fried fish sammich and pierogies at the Epiphany Church fish fry with Sandy during Lent, 2013)
        28. Attend a Propelle Happy Hour  Attended January 14, 2013.
        29. Have a visit to Mansions on Fifth
        30. Go to a trivia night with friends
        31. Go roller skating Tearing it up at the Neville Rollerdrome

so who’s with me?!


OMIGAWD! I am so excited for a new list!

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