30 down. Time for 31.

30 down. Time for 31.

Tomorrow it are my birfday. Which brings my 31 before 31 list to a close. I crossed quite a few things off my list. I did not get everything, either because things did not fit with my availability, or I lost interest (see: dirty car. Don’t care.)
My ___ before ___ lists are part challenge, part reminder. I like the challenge of trying all these new things. I like the reminder that despite life’s frustrations, I do manage to do quite a lot of fun things. When I get stressed and feel like my life is all work work work, I take a look at my list and think about all the cool things I did get to do during the year, so I should quit that whining.

There were a number of other cool things that I did this year that weren’t even on the list. I went to two amazing foodblogging conferences, I ran a 10 mile race, and I visited four different countries this year. While my 20s were full of growth and change, I feel like in my 30s I’m hitting my stride. I’m comfortable with my work, I’m comfortable with my family, my life has a pretty solid foundation and now it’s up to me to maximize opportunities and live it to the fullest.

So tonight I lay my head on my pillow knowing that I made good use of this year, and have high hopes for the year ahead. Goodnight, friends.

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