3 Going on 35

L’Shanah Tovah! Today is the birthday of the world, and of Baby Beez! I have a head full of thoughts about what kind of year I want to make this one, but I will save them for tomorrow. Today, my words are all for Baby Beez.
Just 3 years ago, she joined our crazy family. It’s amazing to think how fast three years are, but how transformative they can also be.  3 years was law school, start to finish.  3 years is most of high school. Both of those felt like an eternity. But with 3 years of Baby Beez in our lives, it has just zoomed by.

Baby Beez is full of thoughts and words and demands.  Her favorite phrases are “I’ll do it myself!” and “Leave me alone!”  But she is also incredibly polite, consistently remembering to say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me,” and sometimes even scolding grown ups when they forget.  We’ve never really baby-talked with her. We’ve always talked to her with a grown up, even when she can’t comprehend a word.  But now her language skills are developed enough that even though her vocabulary doesn’t entirely match the grown ups, she knows what you’re talking about.  She’s quite the real person now, not just a cooing baby.

I spend plenty of time trying to teach her skills– picking up her mess, sharing her toys, identifying letters and shapes and numbers. She’s got the academics under control.  And lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what larger lessons I want to teach her.

I want to teach her to try hard, but to always be open to asking for help when she needs it.

I want to teach her to stand up for herself, but to also stand up for what is right and to be kind.

I want to teach her to be the person she is, and mold her self to fit the demands of others, when those demands don’t fit.

And I want to teach her to use the dang toilet.

She starts at the “big kid” preschool Monday, and I’m hoping they take the lead on that last one.  I don’t get teary eyed or nostalgic in her moving up to the big school. She’s been in daycare since she was a wee thing, she loves it there and she thrives there.  She’s been telling people for months that she gets to go to the big school when she turns 3.  She really is a big girl now.

A Birthday Waffle with Peanut Butter Chiffon

A Birthday Waffle at Waffles INCaffeinated

A Birthday isn’t a Birthday Without Chocolate Cake

Baby Beez' Birthday Cupcake

Baby Beez at 2.

Baby Beez at 1.S4S_0033

And Baby Beez, at 1 month old, such a loud but tiny thing.

baby beez

Happy Birthday to my big girl!

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