2015: A Year of Living Cooperatively with the @EastEndCoop #shoplocal

I’m down to the wire with making my New Year’s Resolution, but aren’t I always?

Last year, I resolved to Make Every Action an Expression of My Authentic Self. Did I achieve that? Maybe. It’s hard to gauge. And honestly, by springtime I forgot that was my resolution (today I had to search my blog to find last year’s resolution post, because I had no idea what it was.) But in general, throughout 2014 I’ve done a better job of leading my life in directions that feel meaningful to me. I’ve said yes to opportunities that fit right, I’ve said no to opportunities that do not. I’ve resisted taking on projects merely because they are expected of me, and have devoted my energies fully and enthusiastically to projects that are meaningful. That’s about all you can expect.

In this coming year, our family is making a resolution together: 2015 will be our year of shopping cooperatively. We will do all our grocery shopping at the East End Food Co-Op. Mr. Beez has been on the board of directors of the Co-Op for years. While we shop there as often as is convenient, it hasn’t ever been our primary grocery store. This is because I’m the one in charge of groceries, and I shop at whatever grocery store is closest or otherwise is the easiest choice at the moment. Mr. Beez and I have talked about needing to shop more regularly at the co-op. We believe in its mission. Mr. Beez, especially, is a true co-op believer. He goes to co-op conferences, he enthusiastically visits other co-ops around the country when we travel.

So in 2015, we’re co-op’ing it all the way! And if you haven’t been there for a while, you should join us for a visit. It’s not all wheat germ, hemp milk and teff (although they do have those things), they’ve also got a mean gourmet cheese section, local meats, and yes they carry Jeni’s. What else could I ask for?

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