Our charming trip to Boulder

Our charming trip to Boulder

We made it through the 3 weeks of insanity, and finally got our house on the market last Friday. We then promptly left for Colorado bright and early in the morning. My cousin was graduating from High School, and we were thrilled to have a family gathering to celebrate her accomplishments. My aunt and uncle have lived in Colorado for years and years, and I’ve always meant to visit, but never quite made it there. After this fantastic visit, we’re sure to make it back and soon. It’s a 3 hour direct flight from Pittsburgh, which is very easy travel-wise. The Boulder/Denver area is just charming. Microbreweries everywhere, HELLO. I really enjoyed our visit there, and to be honest, I rank the area up with Barcelona and Vancouver as an area I could imagine us potentially relocating to someday (but a very hypothetical someday, we just bought a new house in Pittsburgh. We’re not going anywhere for a long while).

PaeelaOur first day there was full of graduation festivities, including my Uncle Joe’s famous paella. LOOK AT THIS PAELLA. Is it not the absolute best? It tasted every bit as amazing as it looked.

I loved that Baby Beez had the opportunity to play with some of the younger members of our family. I have such warm memories of going to my grandparents and hanging out with my cousins, whether it was splashing in the jacuzzi, or pretending that the garden hose was a microphone and putting on performances in the backyard. We are lucky to have many many friends in Pittsburgh, but not very many relatives, so it was lovely for Baby Beez to get to have time with family.

Boulder run

On Saturday morning I hit the roads for a 5k run. The land is so very flat that it’s such a strange experience for me. It was such a calm and beautiful landscape. I wanted to run the 10k Bolder Boulder while we were there, but Mr. Beez nixed that. I didn’t argue with him, since we are there for just a short time, and wanted to spend that time visiting family and having fun, instead of spending half a day on a race. I suppose we might have to go back next year for Memorial Day weekend so I can do that run!

16th St Mall

We spent a few hours on Saturday walking along the 16th Street Mall in Boulder, checking out the shops, restaurants, and Baby Beez’ favorite- the fountain.

photo 1(2)

We stopped for a bite at Pizzaria Locale for some thin-crust Neopolitan style pizza. I started things off with the frutti di mare salad. It was so briny and refreshing, I just loved it.

Primavera pizza

My mom and I shared the Primavera pizza, topped with asparagus, peas and dippy eggs. It was such a unique taste, mildly salty and so richly flavorful. It’s not what you would typically think of if you’re craving pizza, but it was amazing.


Boulder has some good food, and for Saturday night we ventured out as a very large group to Cyclhops Bike Cantina, which is one of the breweries for Dale’s Pale Ale. Our table was piled high with all kinds of nachos and guacamole and other goodies, and I picked three delicious tacos for my entree. One thing I loved about Colorado dining- avocado on everything. So yum.

We left Boulder on Monday evening. On Monday we had a short visit with family, followed by an outing to the Denver zoo. My mom took me there once when I was a kid, but I have no memory of it. Baby Beez had such a fun time there during this visit, and with all the pit stops that are necessary for traveling with a three year old, we only made it through a small part of a zoo. I guess that means we’ll have to go back and finish it, right?

Andean Condor

I love how the Andean condor was showing off for everyone, spreading her wings and strutting about.




I can’t believe that we’re back to Friday again. Last Friday feels a million years ago. And since we’re busy with showing the house, we’re living this strange existence where we have to make sure the house is spotless and in tip-top shape every time we step out the door. Our weekend is full of activities and playdates, since it’s just not fair to Baby Beez to keep her cooped up in a house with no toys and not much to do.

Our trip to Boulder was a whirlwind one, but we had a wonderful time visiting family and checking out the town. I only wish we had made our trip longer. Colorado has a laid back, friendly vibe to it, and I would have loved to go for a hike, check out a yoga class, and generally just hang out for a while longer. Lucky for us, my aunt and uncle have plenty of room in their house and love to have visitors, so another trip will be shortly in order!


Yes I am still here.

Yes I am still here.

Hello my lovelies. It’s been nearly ten straight days of silence, but I promise, I’m still around. I am reaching the end of the whirlwind that is getting our house ready for market. The first scheduled showing is tomorrow evening, and it’s not even technically listed until tomorrow.

The last 3 weeks have been a misery not unlike the last few miserable weeks of pregnancy. The only difference is that this time, it’s my husband who has completely lost his mind, and at least this time I get to drink wine.

Considering that Baby Beez’ toys have ALL been packed away for the last 2 weeks, she’s been a real trooper. Sure, I let her watch movies in the evening, but that can only keep her happy so long. Lucky for us, the Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History are open until 8 pm on Thursdays. If she can’t play with her own toys, at least she can play with theirs.

I knew getting a house ready for market was work, but dude, this is work. Also work-work is rather busy right now. All told, I’ve been booked most days 6am-10pm, and haven’t fit in any time lately for any very-much-needed exercise. I am thisclose to losin my mind, up in herre, up in herre.

Speaking of much needed exercise, I really do need to hit some trails, because I’ve got a very exciting running lineup ahead. I’m all registered for the Greenfield Glide, the Riverview Park 5k, the Brookline Breeze and wait for it the ARMY 10 MILER! I’m extra super stoked about that one.

I’m trying to not beat myself up too bad about my recent lack of running, because I’ve been hauling lots and lots and lots of boxes. That’s cardio, right?

It is now nearly 11, and I’ve got one more long day ahead of work and house prep. I need my beauty rest.


Thoughts on a Wednesday

  • Today is Mr. Beez’s birthday. Feel free to text him, email him, call him, whatever you want to do to harass him about being an old man.

lolcat birthday

  • Baby Beez has entered the phase of gratuitously shouting “POOP!” and “BUTT!” So there’s that.
  • She has also entered a phase of moaning “UGGH” every time I ask her to do something. Just like a teenager. I thought I at least could count on 10 more years before such behavior set in, but I guess not.
  • I am completely unqualified to teach preschool. When I dropped Baby Beez off at school today, 2 boys were calling her “Leela” and she was getting mad because she didn’t want to be called “Leela.” My response was “So you call them a stupid name, too. What do you care?” The teacher swiftly intervened and pointed out to the boys that Baby Beez did not like being called names, and they should respect her feelings and stop. Perpetuating the bad behavior is not the preferred method of dealing with children’s misbehavior. I’ve been schooled. But what else did you expect out of a litigator?
  • Tickets go on sale for the Big Harvest Potluck on Monday!!! At first I was very sad because it was initially scheduled on Yom Kippur, but they changed the date, and now I can go! So much joy!
  • I have come to terms with my need to find a new WW meeting. I love the one I usually go to on Sunday mornings, but I have entered into a period of the year when I’m generally not available on Sunday mornings, either due to being out of town or having activities. For example, 2 Sundays ago was the marathon, last week was Mother’s Day brunch, and this Sunday we’re doing the Easter Seals Walk at Kennywood. Also, once we move, my Monroeville meeting location will not be convenient. For the time being, I’ll probably go to a dahntahn lunchtime meeting. WW is critical over the next several weeks. We have packed up our whole kitchen for the move, and are dining out nonstop. I need to remember to eat my fruits & veggies, drink lots of water, and basically keep things in check so I don’t reverse all the hard work I’ve done over the last year. A run or two won’t hurt, either.
  • Speaking of food, now that the college students have left tahn, I’m finally venturing back into Oakland now and then. Parking spots a-plenty! We picked up dinner from Oishii Bento last night, and went over to the Schenley Plaza to eat and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Baby Beez had fun running around with other little kids. I love how kids need no introduction, they’re just like “hey, i’m a kid! you’re a kid! let’s play!”
  • Speaking of running around Schenley Plaza, Baby Beez is ALL into running around in circles, nonstop. This gives me so much joy, because even before Baby Beez was born, I’ve had my heart set on being a Girls on the Run coach someday. Her ridiculous energy and joy from just running gives me hope that this can turn into an activity that we can do together and both love.

Are you going to the Royal Ball?

Mr. Beez and I are always up for a good party, but it’s not usual for us to be able to bring Baby Beez along. Cocktails, dancing and silent auctions aren’t usually compatible with a 3 year old’s interests, which is a little unfortunate, because boy does that kid love to put on a fancy dress.

Enter: The Gemini Children’s Theater Royal Masquerade Ball! Pittsburgh’s beloved children’s theater company includes the young ones in its annual gala, which is coming up on May 17, 2014 at the Syria Shrine Center. The event features a full dinner, singing and dancing, appearances by beloved storybook characters, prizes and FUN.

Gemini Children's Theater

The Royal Ball is an integral fundraiser for the operations of Gemini Theater. We attended our first Gemini show this January, and had a wonderful time. The shows are especially engaging for young kids. I love that the shows have a low key vibe. Gemini also hosts children’s birthday parties, and is an ideal spot for a big group outing. When we went in January, we went with four other families, and it was all pretty easy to coordinate. Then we hit up D’s Dogs for dinner afterward, which made the whole thing a perfect affair.

So are you up for dressing like princesses and prancing in to the Royal Ball? It’s this Saturday, and you can buy tickets here. You’ll notice from my blog that I don’t do giveaways, product reviews or sponsored posts. Gemini hasn’t offered me anything in exchange for promoting their event. I just think it’s a great event and an awesome theater organization. I hope my readers will as well!


Carrie Furnace Adventure with @FurnaceBash @CarrieFurnaces

Carrie Furnace Adventure with @FurnaceBash @CarrieFurnaces

This recap will be a quick one, because the photos speak for themselves. On Saturday, Mr. Beez and I attended Furnace Bash Vol. 1, a Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week celebration with local/craft breweries, that raised funds for Side Project, Inc. and the Mario Lemieux Foundation. I reasoned that I was not going to go to an event at the Carrie Furnace without getting a full view of the furnace (the party itself was in the ore yard), so a furnace tour we did!

Speaking with some experience planning events, the Furnace Bash crew did a great job with this first year of the event. The hiccups were few and minor and the event was a blast. Mr. Beez and I cannot stand crowded events, and the Furnace Bash crew made the wise decision of capping tickets at 500. There were plenty of refreshments and virtually no line whatsoever.

It was a thrill to see the furnace, and I hope to bring my mom on a tour when she visits this summer. It’s not a small kid appropriate activity, as there are plenty of things to trip over and areas where you could fall down. Baby Beez will have to wait a few more years until we take her on a tour. Rivers of Steel offers various Mon Valley and Carrie Furnace tours, and is absolutely worth considering if you have out-of-town guests coming soon. The Furnace is a great site to see, especially if your guest has already done the usual Strip District/Incline/Grandview Ave circuit.