Just in Time for Passover: Amazingly Easy Crock Pot Brisket

Just in Time for Passover: Amazingly Easy Crock Pot Brisket

I went to Costco hungry last week, what of it?

You know what happens when I go to Costco hungry? I BUY A GIANT BRISKET.

At least brisket is tasty, and makes my decision very easy when I had to figure out what to try for my next crock pot meal. I didn’t even look for a recipe, brisket is one of those things you just make. So make it I did. All that being said, brisket at Costco is enormous because it is Costco, but do briskets any smaller even exist? Like, if there was no Costco around, how would people even get a brisket big enough to feed all their Passover guests? In any event, there IS a Costco nearby, so this is a baseless worry.

This whole brisket took me a whopping 5 minutes in prep time and about 7 hours in cooking time. The only downside to this recipe is that because the brisket is inevitably so big (Costco!) there isn’t much room for all the potatoes, onions and carrots that usually accompany the brisket. There is a lot of juice left behind in the crock pot afterward, so you can always roast more vegetables separately and ladle the brisket juice over them generously.

Crock pot brisket

A-May-Zingly Easy and Tasty Passover Brisket:

-Big-giant brisket

-A couple of onions, chopped (or for an even easier approach, frozen chopped onions, use 1/2 to 1 bag)

-4-6 cloves garlic, minced (or again, to make things even easier, a couple of spoonfuls of minced jarred garlic)

-4 or 5 potatoes, peeled and quarters

-A few handfuls of baby carrots

-Low sodium beef broth

-Kosher salt and pepper

-Worcestershire sauce

To make this delightful dish, put the onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes in the bottom of the crock pot. Lay the brisket on top, with FATTY SIDE UP. This means that as it cooks, the fat will drip down through the meat, flavoring it. Pour several shakes of Worcestershire sauce over the meat, as well as some salt and pepper. Pour in a bunch of beef broth in, so that the meal does not dry out during cooking. Set on low to cook, and let cook about 7 hours.

When the cooking time is up, take the brisket out and let it rest for a few minutes, then slice the meat against the grain. This brisket is not only perfect for Passover dinner, it can also be sliced thinly and used in au jus sandwiches (and the juice left behind in the crock pot is perfect for that), or even as filling for some creative tacos.

Quite honestly, this came out just as delicious as if I had cooked the brisket in the oven. Even though that method isn’t too difficult, this one is so incredibly easy, that I think I’m never going back to my old methods.


Traditional Anniversary Gifts, Year 5: Wood

Traditional Anniversary Gifts, Year 5: Wood

Mr. Beez and I follow the “traditional” anniversary theme with our gifts each year, while still seeking to find gifts that are practical and fit one another’s personality. I am all business when it comes to gift giving. I want to get people gifts that they will use, not gifts that sit around collecting dust. It’s a heartbreak to me when I picked a gift that doesn’t hit the right note and ends up being clutter.

This was our fifth anniversary, so the traditional gift this year was wood. I struggled to figure out what to get him, but ultimately decided on cufflinks made with the wood of wine barrels and wooden collar stays. He loved the gifts! Mr. Beez dresses all nice for work, so these are gifts he will use plenty. The cufflinks were an extra nice touch because we both love wine.

5th Anniversary Gift: Wood

Mr. Beez surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Flowers are always such a beautiful gift, and daisies are the traditional flower of the 5th anniversary.


He also got me a halogen lamp which has nothing to do with any tradition, but our bedroom is so ridiculously dark that I can’t do my makeup in there and I’ve bee nagging his ear off. Also, Mr. Beez gifted me a fancy wood clipboard. The practice of law remains in the dark ages, and although we have moved beyond chisels and stone tablets, I really do spend most of my day taking notes on legal pads. Sometimes the tablets are sturdy but a lot of times they are flimsy and hard to write on. The only clipboard I have is from my camp counselor days and covered in stickers that are not-the-least-bit-professional-looking, so this clipboard is both useful and will enable me to maintain a little dignity.


For my “big” gift, Mr. Beez had Baby Beez’ adorable totally emo painting framed so that I can hang it in my office. I’m so excited about this, it’s so fantastic! You can’t see it well in this photograph, but the wood frame is actually a dark navy blue, which matches some of the streaks in the painting.


Baby Beez went with him to pick it up from the frame shop, and apparently she was very confused about why he had to pay for a painting SHE made. He was ushering her toward the cash register, and she kept questioning “But it’s my painting!?!”

We are celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Restaurant ECHO tonight. I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post! For now, I’ve got work to do and a Twin Peaks marathon to watch.


All kinds of catch up

All kinds of catch up

This week has been a busy one, what with making presentations, writing presentations and all kinds of additional things going on at work. Even though I try to post 5 times a week, sometimes there is a week like this, where I post on Monday and then it’s radio silence until the weekend. Over the last several weeks I have made several crock pot meals, but haven’t gotten around to posting all of them.

Several weeks ago, after having an enthusiastic chat with the butcher at Marty’s Market, I bought a 1/2 rabbit and tried my hand at rabbit stew. The butcher recommended the Robert Irvine recipe from Food Network, which I modified a little to make in the crock pot. The stew came out pretty good, but it did need a little tweaking, because the wine flavor was fairly overpowering compared to the other flavors. The whole family did like it, but did not love it enough for me to go out and drop another $20 on rabbit. If, however, I end up with some butchered rabbit for free, sure I’ll try it again.

Rabbit Stew Ingredients

Rabbit Stew

I made crock pot stuffed peppers that were SUPER easy, I’ll never make stuffed peppers in a stove again. I can’t find the recipe I used online, but it needed a few tweaks anyway because it turned out kind of bland. Here’s how I would try making it next time:

4 bell peppers, cored

1 lb ground turkey

2 cups instant brown rice (it sounds like a lot, but it works out)

1 cup V-8 Juice

1 can diced or stewed tomatoes, preferably with some kind of flavoring (italian style, with green chiles, etc. depending on how you want it to taste)

4-6 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 bag frozen diced onion

some salt and pepper

1 jar of pasta sauce, whatever flavor you like.


Mix all the ingredients except the bell peppers and pasta sauce. Fill the peppers with the mix. Pour a little pasta sauce on the bottom of the crock pot and placed the stuffed peppers inside. Pour the rest of the pasta sauce on top. Cook on low for like 8 hours.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

I tried my hand at barley mushroom risotto. The recipe tasted good, although barley has a chewier texture than arborio rice. Risotto is just so easy to make, and you had to cook the veggies separately ahead of time with this recipe anyway, so I didn’t consider it to be much of a timesaver. It tasted good and made a decent dinner, but was no revelation.

barley mushroom risoto

This week, we tried “The Very Best” Chicken & Biscuits from Ella Claire Inspired. The recipe was good, but needs some tweaking before I can agree to the “Very Best” title. There wasn’t enough liquid in the pot and the flavor was too mild for my family’s taste. This recipe was easy enough that we’ll likely try it again, but we will throw in a lot more chicken broth and a whole bunch of garlic. Every recipe in this house has to involve nearly a whole bulb of garlic, what can I say?


I went shopping at Costco this week while hungry, which resulted in me buying a giant brisket because WHY NOT. Looks like that giant slab of meat will be my crock pot project for dinner tomorrow night. I have to say that doing one night of crock pot cooking a week has made a world of difference for our family. The meal is already done when we get home (instead of not getting to eat until nearly 8pm), and there is usually enough to last 2 or 3 nights. The small added task of picking and prepping recipes has had an unexpectedly wonderful payoff.


Hello, Monday

Hello World. It is Monday. I have lots to do this week! Bring on the coffee!

First up, we’re counting down to this week’s Breakfast and Blogging here at Clark Hill! There is still time to RSVP to join us for a bagel and to chat about the law! The other panelists and I sat down last week and worked through a lot of the program, and I’m really excited for this event. I think there are a lot of bloggers/social media enthusiasts out there who have a vague idea of how the law impacts them, but would like to learn more. This is a great opportunity to ask your questions and get some great feedback, and best yet– the program is free!

breakfast and blogging

On Friday, I was crazy excited to get my April/May issue of Edible Allegheny, where yours truly was featured in the Online Dish column! What a sweet pic of Baby Beez!


Finally, even though there is snow still in the weather forecast, I’ve decided that it’s full-on spring round these parts. Mr. Beez thinks that lawyers generally should have more grown-up manicures, but I say that the gloomy weather gives me no option. We need some COLOR up in herrrre!

spring nails

Wishin’ all yinz a fun & sunny week!


You remind me of the babe

On Wednesday we had a mid-week outing to the movies. In our days before Baby Beez, this was not an unusual occurrence. Mr. Beez and I love the movies, and many of the local theaters run midweek specials (free popcorn Mondays, etc). At one point, I had all the specials memorized, and could tell you what the best option would be any day of the week. Throwing a kid into the mix makes midweek movies very difficult. Not just because we have to uphold a responsible bedtime, but also because there is just so much more STUFF you have to do with a kid around, that two free hours for a spontaneous movie is difficult to find.

The AMC Lowes Waterfront has started running older movies on Wednesday nights. When we saw that Labyrinth would be playing, Mr. Beez declared that we MUST GO. I’m the one usually leveling demands around here, so when he makes a declaration, we must abide.


The theater was PACKED. We got there a few minutes before showtime, and the only seats left were in the front row. That’s not my ideal location, but the rest of the fam was fine with it. The movie of course was great, because it’s Labyrinth. What’s not to like about Labyrinth? I worried that Baby Beez might get a little scared of all the goblins, but she didn’t. Not in the least. In fact, I think she wanted to party with Jareth and the goblins up in the tower. (Also, can you imagine how bizarre-funny-crazy filming that scene would have been? It’s megarockstar David Bowie dancing around in tight pance with muppets and a baby. So strange.)

baby wormLabyrinth Worm

Baby Beez has had a connection with Labyrinth since birth, can’t you see the resemblance?

We all had such a fun time, but the best feeling of all was being able to share something Mr. Beez and I have long loved with Baby Beez, and watch her find just as much joy in it.