A ROARing good time at Discover the Dinosaurs

I spent a few hours of my Sunday afternoon at Book Club with my lady friends, sipping champagne and chatting about Mariette in Ecstacy (it is safe to click on the link, it is a book about nuns. seriously).  While I was out and about, Baby Beez and Mr. Beez ventured out to Monroeville to see Grandma and PopPop and go to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit.  It’s a traveling show, and while today was its last day in Pittsburgh, you may be able to catch it in your town soon.  Mr. Beez is a man of few words and said it was “fun.”  Baby Beez came home totally passed out asleep, and from the moment she woke from her nap, she spent the entire rest of the evening ROARING and yelling “I’M A DINOSAUR!” So it’s safe to assume the event met with her approval.

Word to the wise– if you do attend the event, apparently it winds you through a bunch of the exhibits, and at the very end there are a ton of bouncy houses (and every kid is giddy and ready to bounce bounce bounce), except there is a separate fee for the bouncy houses, and you have to trek your way all the way back to the front to buy the bouncy house tickets.  There were a number of grumbling parents about that.  So be wise, and buy your bouncy house tickets when you are paying for your admission!!









Pittsburgh Snow Day

It’s been snowing steadily in the ‘burgh since December 26. I’ve done everything I possibly can to stay indoors. Baby Beez is of another mind. She’s been excitedly shrieking “IT’S SNOWING” every time we step outdoors, and has been begging to build a snowman. She was so eager to play in the snow, that when I told her she has to wear snow pants and boots and gloves and a hat if she wants to play in the snow, she put up no fight whatsoever. This is coming from a kid who refuses to wear hats. She was desperate for that snow. So even I, hater of all things cold, bundled up and took the little one into our backyard for playtime. And Baby Beez was right, it was magical.




You can’t have playtime with a toddler without some yelling.


She decided the snowman had worn the hat long enough, and it was time to take it back.


Time to complain

Because I’m tired and grouchy.  So here is a list of things I hate:

  1. People who reach the end of an escalator and just STOP THERE instead of getting the heck out of the way.
  2. Same thing with people exiting revolving doors.
  3. People who rush to enter an elevator, without letting others get out.
  4. Mommybloggers who describe themselves as the executive of their family’s “corporation.”
  5. Blog ads that pop up right in the middle of whatever I’m trying to read.
  6. When the half & half is out at the coffee shop.
  7. People who walk three across on the sidewalk.
  8. People who walk slowly on the sidewalk and weave back and forth inevitably always in front of whatever direction I’m trying to take to get around them.
  9. When my kid rips out magazine pages including the article I really wanted to read.  (Yes, I’m bitter about not getting to finish the article about crazy John McAfee in this month’s Wired).
  10. When I’m all excited about having a coffee drink and then the coffee ends up being nasty (I’m looking at you, Wendy’s terrible Coffee Roaster thing).
  11. Pretty much everything that deals with airports/flying.


So what are you complaining about today?


Snowy Pittsburgh

When the snow starts falling in Pittsburgh, this California girl prefers to stay indoors until Springtime breaks. The snow started yesterday, and I was thrilled that I had already arranged to have the day off. The roads were still snow covered today, and as I lazily awoke and stumbled about the house, I considered staying home today as well. After all, it would be a slow day and everything I needed to do, I could do from home.

Then Baby Beez woke up. In rare form.


Yet another blurry picture, because this kid never sits still. Here she is breaking in her new cowgirl boots with a little boogie. She was bolting around the house. Suddenly, grown up time in the office sounded perfect.


Coffee and privilege logs and pleadings. And I got to pick the music.


A Momentum Driven Life

It’s New Years Resolution time.

snoopy-new-yearI have only resolution in 2013: For me to lead my life, instead of the momentum in my life driving itself.

One thing is obvious from this blog: I love doing stuff.  I love going to lectures, concerts, shows, events, dinners, meetups, anything and everything.  I love being involved and contributing and getting to know people.  But the momentum of doing things builds on itself, and going to events twice a month turns into once a week turns into four days a week I’ve scheduled things after work.  And that means I’ve got to get out of the office at a particular time to get to an event, and then I’ve got to fit the work I haven’t finished into those little windows of time in between things.  And then the things most normal people do with those little windows of time (exercise, grocery shop, just sit down and breathe) get squeezed out of my life.

This isn’t an issue of saying “no.” I don’t feel like the demands on my time are external, and there have been occasions where I’ve told people I can’t do or attend things because I’m simply at capacity for the projects I can handle.  This is more of an issue of learning to harness my enthusiasm.  I hear about things going on, and I get excited and want to be a part of everything.  But I can’t be a part of everything, no one can be a part of everything.  But if I focus my energies on planning better, I will continue to be able to go to the awesome events and be involved in the awesome projects this city offers, and hopefully not run myself ragged.

What are your resolutions for 2013?