Adventures in Lawyering

Fresh from my adventure to Ah-hi-yah (Ohio, for you people not living in Ah-hi-yah), today I ventured deep into Pennsylvania’s heartland, for a 10 minute meeting in Harrisburg.  To be fair, once I got to Hbg, I spent about 30 minutes waiting for that meeting, so that gave me about 40 minutes in the fine capital of our Commonwealth, for my 7 hours of driving.  Sometimes being a lawyer is like that.

I did snap a pic of our lovely Capitol building.  This was my first trip to Harrisburg, so seeing something new was exciting.

On Friday, my lawyer friends and I showed what upstanding, responsible jurists we are with a ridiculously FUN scavenger hunt around downtown Pittsburgh, sponsored by the bar association’s Young Lawyers Division.

We found a slide in Station Square!

Owling on a bus bench.

Checking out the arcade!

I am writing this post while watching the finale of RuPaul’s drag race! YAY SHARON NEEEDLES! PITTSBURGH REPRESENT!

Can this post be any more miscellaneous?


Voyage to the Land of Cleves

Mr. Beez and I took Baby Beez on a little outing to Cleveland today! We had no particular reason for it, other than I wanted to get out of town for the day (and I have to go to Harrisburg for work tomorrow, so I’m really getting what I asked for.)

I was greatly looking forward to Art All Night, but Baby Beez was being a teething, drooling, screaming monster last night so we disappointedly skipped it.  This morning she seemed to be in better spirits, so we took off for Cleveland around 10 (she usually starts a nap around 10 or 10:30).  She slept for a while, and then woke up about an hour outside Cleveland, and proved our assumptions wrong by screaming the rest of the way.  It was too late to turn back then, so we soldiered on.

We went to the Cleveland Children’s Museum.  I had heard it was nice so I expected something similar to Pittsburgh’s kids museum in size and scope.  Now don’t get me wrong– Baby Beez had a great time. She played with toys, ran around, all kinds of things.  Pittsburgh’s museum, though, is a lot bigger and fancier. The Cleveland museum was small enough that I checked my phone, wondering if there were 2 children’s museums in Cleveland, and maybe we showed up at the wrong one.  We are spoiled here in the ‘burgh with a big flashy museum.  On our next impromptu road trip to our rival city, I think we’ll check out the brand new Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

Beep beep beep beep!

Splashing at the water table!

After playing for a while at the museum, we had all built up an appetite.  I have been dying to visit Melt, and it was only a few minutes away from the museum!

Melt specializes in gourmet grilled cheese and a wide beer selection. Two things I LOVE are grilled cheese and beer. WIN.

I had the 21st Amendment Hell or High Water Watermelon Ale.  It smells like watermelon, but tastes like beer.  The watermelon smell is interesting but not overwhelming. I would drink it again, and not just as a novelty.  It was good for if you want a fruity summer beer, but not something as fruity as a Lindemann’s or a cider.

I ordered this month’s special– the Corny Beast. It’s a corn dog inspired sandwich, and I LOVE corn dogs.  The thick bread was stuffed with American cheese and hot dogs, and the whole thing was dipped in cornbread batter and deep fried.  It was RIDICULOUS.  It was delicious in that terrible-f0r-you greasy carnival food kind of way.  There were so many different kinds of sandwiches that I wanted to eat, that it was very tough for me to pick this one, but if there is cornbread involved, I’m sold.

We ordered the “Kindergarten” for Baby Beez- which is the basic grilled cheese.  I ordered hers with muenster, because muenster cheese is delicious.  Baby Beez, however, is teething and had no interest in eating, so we took it home with us. Mr. Beez and I actually had to take turns respectively eating and taking Baby Beez up to the entryway or outside to run around and not disrupt the other patrons.  The Melt staff were exceptionally understanding with Baby Beez’s toddler behavior.  The hostess even gave her a packet of Goldfish crackers (she ate 2 and then spit them out, she was having that kind of day).  They brought her food out quickly, and were very friendly, which was extremely appreciated by these frazzled parents.

Melt is a great neighborhood bar and grill. If I lived in Cleveland, I’d love to be a regular there.  It’s worth one road trip up there for the novelty of all those grilled cheese sandwiches.  Since I’m not usually in the neighborhood, for future sandwich cravings, I will probably head over to FatHeads instead of making a 2.5 hour drive to Ohio, as the quality and selection of sandwiches are comparable.

After expending all that energy on shouting and dashing about, Baby Beez conked out for the whole ride back.



Baby’s First Race!

Today, Mr. Beez, Baby Beez, and I woke up stupid early (for a Saturday) to do the Superhero Run to benefit CASA of Allegheny County.  CASA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for abused and neglected children navigating the child welfare system.  The event was a huge success, with tons of runners dressed up like their favorite superheroes.  Baby Beez and I “ran” the 1k kids race, and by “run” I mean I carried her for 0.99k, and she ran with me for 0.01k.

Grouch face because it is COLD and EARLY.

We saw our friend Dana, and Baby Beez enjoyed hanging out with her (Baby Beez tried to ditch me to stay with Dana…thanks, kid)

“Running” the 1k.

I have no idea who this lady is, but she was running with a MINIATURE HORSE.  That made my day.

We ran the race with a bunch of friends, and had a spectacularly fun time, despite the cold.  Afterward, we went to Sandy’s house for a big brunch.  We came home exhausted and Mr. Beez and I had to tag team taking naps, because Baby Beez refused to sleep at all.  She’s teething right now, and has gone from cute toddler to HONEY BADGER.


Pittsburgh Speakers Series: Tom Brokaw

Last night was the final Pittsburgh Speakers Series talk for the 2011-12 season.  Tom Brokaw was the honored guest.  As the median age for this event is around 62, the lobby was buzzing with excitement when I arrived.  Heinz Hall was packed full of eager, giddy olds.

Brokaw was my least favorite speaker of the season.  His entire speech dripped of nostalgia for the Greatest Generation.  He was less scornful of younger generations than I expected, but a hint of disdain was unmistakeable.

Brokaw and I just don’t see eye to eye.  I am distrustful of nostalgia.  Brokaw’s glasses are heavily rose tinted, and for what? Praising the past leaves you stagnant, it does not help anyone to progress toward a better future.

Brokaw got a standing ovation.  I did not wish to stand, but I also didn’t want to be the only jerk sitting, so I stood.  However, I didn’t find much that was insightful in his speech.

After going through the entire season, I do now understand and agree with the “Subscription Only” sales philosophy for the series.  They do not sell individual tickets–the only sell subscriptions to the entire series.  The motivating philosophy is that attendees should be exposed to speakers they might not otherwise consider, and may learn something new and insightful.  This was truly my experience.  My favorite speaker of the season was Michelle Rhee, whom I had never heard of before buying my tickets.  My second favorites were Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson, and tying for third were Ron Chernow and Michael Pollan. (Brokaw lagged far behind in fourth place, and I unfortunately was not able to attend Azar Nafisi or Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s talks). The only person whom I really knew about before attending was Michael Pollan, and attending talks by speakers whom I would have never otherwise been interested in opened my mind to new and interesting topics.

Renewals for next year’s series are on sale now, and I have to decide whether I am going to attend.  Next years speakers include Bill Clinton, Vincente Fox, and the author of The Glass Castle whose name I can’t remember right now (her talk looks the most interesting to me).  This series certainly works hard to put a good set of speakers together, and should be commended for a season well done.


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)

I’ve been excited for this movie to come to DVD because I heard it was a powerful and heartwarming drama.  What no one told me is that it is THE SADDEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.  I was doing doc review while watching it, and I almost shorted out my keyboard from all my tears.

Oskar Schell is a 9 year old whose father dies on 9-11 in the World Trade Center.  He sets out to make sense of his world after this tragedy, and to solve the mystery of a key that he found in his father’s closet.  Oskar’s world is unique because he has Aspergers-like tendencies (he mentions at one point that he was tested for Aspergers, but the result was inconclusive).  On his journey, he discovers more sadness, but also kindness and love from the people he meets.

This is how the movie goes.


Sniffle sniffle.


Cry cry cry cry cry.

This movie can’t get any sadder.

Cry cry cry cry cry.









and then it was over, and I was 2 pounds lighter from all the tears I shed.