2 Local Girls Sweet & Savory Treats

2 Local Girls Sweet & Savory Treats

I had a small get together with some friends and their kids today.  Such a gathering of course necessitates two things: sweet treats and champagne.  I had the latter already on hand, and lucky for me my friend Lisa just announced the opening of her business, 2 Local Girls, to supply the former.

Since there would be seven adults, three children in our house, obviously four dozen treats were in order. (That is a joking reference to my inability/refusal to actually order a quantity appropriate for the number of people I am hosting. Leftovers are a must.  Too few or just enough treats would be a sin. Over-ordering is inevitable).


I opted for a dozen rice krispie treat lollys (dipped in milk chocolate, a dozen brownie lollys (dipped in raspberry chocolate), a dozen s’mores cupcakes, and a dozen cherry almond cupcakes.

They were ALL a hit.  The rice krispie lollies were completely gone.  Rice krispie treats are easy to make, but also easy to mess up.  I tend to over-marshmallow them, which would render them completely useless as lollys.  2 Local Girls were spot-on with the consistency– the marshmallow to krispie ratio was perfect, the treats were light and fresh, and they were a huge hit.

The brownie lollies and cupcakes were also big winners.  My personal favorite were the cherry almond cupcakes because they were light and sweet.  The kiddos adored the smores cupcakes, and in particular the frosting, topped with graham cracker and chocolate.

S'mores cupcake from 2 Local Girls

As you can see from the photos, 2 Local Girls make beautiful treats, and they are delicious too.  Lisa & Steph are very responsive and flexible.  I made all my arrangements with them over email and they even delivered the treats to my house.  I know they’ve had a very positive response to their business and are mostly booked up in the month of May, so although upon availability they may be able to take short-notice orders (I only placed my order yesterday), it is a wise idea to contact them early to secure availability.

I will disclose to you that I’ve known Lisa for a while and she is my friend, but my review is completely voluntary and honest (yup, I did pay for my treats, and as a general rule, I don’t do the free stuff-for-review exchange).

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